This Sunday is Father’s Day: Last-Minute Gifts for Dad

This Sunday is Father’s Day. If you’re the little procrastinator of your family, welcome to the club! Here are some ways to make sure Dad feels loved, make your sibling look bad, AND possibly bump you up to sole heir on the will.

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The quintessential dad loves bacon, but does a slice of even the best cut of Hill Country Fare bacon say Father’s Day? Or is Dad gonna threaten disowning you? The only thing that can take a tasty, fatty, albeit everyday, slice of bacon from an 8 to an 11 is chocolate. And the only place that can give you what you really want is Chocollazo, San Antonio’s premier place for all things chocolate. Enjoy the look of love from your dad as you hand him a bouquet of chocolate-covered bacon. But not just any type! We're talking hickory-smoked Kiolbassa bacon smothered in Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with an assortment of crunchy delights!

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Local Coffee
Available at locations across San Antonio

The only person who needs a shot of caffeine nearly as much as Mom is Dad. Help your dad celebrate a lifetime vocation of being on-call with a precious bag of his favorite coffee. Whether you’re looking for fruity, floral, or chocolate notes, Local's Merit Roasting Company offers a variety of flavors for Dad. And take advantage of Local’s Father’s Day promotion—buy one piece of gear (options are an Aeropress Travel Kit, V60 Dripper, or a Hario Grinder) and get a bag of coffee for half off! Nothing says love like a hot cup of cafecito to go along with that tray of pan dulce!

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Felíz Modern

110 W. Olmos Dr.

It isn’t cheating when you “pop” into Felíz Modern to buy a gift for Dad. You can love Dad and love yourself all in the same shopping trip—it’s called efficiency. Watch how easy it is to get Dad a clever greeting card and gift all while spending the other half of your paycheck on YOU! And don’t forget—if you’re looking for cookbooks, grooming kits, hats, corkscrews, and all things Dad, visit Felíz Modern this Saturday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Felíz Papa Pop-Up event!

Feliz Modern San Antonio Texas

Smoke Shack Meat Market
3710 Broadway St.

According to purely fabricated statistics, the number one weekend dad activity aside from football watching is . . . drumroll, please . . . barbecuing! We’ve all been guests at Dad’s picnic table loaded with ribs, chicken, brisket, and sausage—the kind only Dad can make on his grill. But isn’t it time you give Dad the quality of meats he’s always dreamed of—the quality of meats he deserves? Treat Dad to a field trip to Smoke Shack Meat Market where he can choose from a variety of locally sourced cuts of beef, specialty sausages, and fancy cheeses for the next family BBQ!

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We couldn't very well compile a list without including ourselves, lol! Texan dads love nothing more than to boast about their pride in the Lone Star State, favorite Tex-Mex foods, and their culture. BarbacoApparel has shirts, pins, and stickers to help Dad show off his puro San Anto pride! Whether he’s the strong man (Lucha DaVinci), the big nerd (Periodic Table of Tacos), or your family’s main squeeze (Main Squeeze), celebrate Dad the way he likes best—by celebrating his home!


The Growler Exchange
4130 Broadway St.

If you have an adventurous dad with a sophisticated palate, The Growler Exchange is a great place to bond over craft beer samplings and conversation. Bring Dad out and enjoy some suds and eats on the patio or in the taproom! Or buy a growler for Dad and share your favorite brew with him in the comfort of his own home! Don’t forget about the gift that keeps on giving way past this weekend—a Mug Club membership. If you sign Dad up for the Mug Club, he gets all sorts of perks including $5 mug fill-ups on Wednesdays, free birthday beer, and 10% off all regular-priced items!

The Growler Exchange San Antonio

San Antonio Missions Baseball
(Wolff Stadium)
5757 US-90

“Take him out to the ball game! Take him out to the field!” The most important thing about Father’s Day is spending some quality time with Dad. With baseball season in full swing, this month is a great time to take Dad out and cheer on MiLB’s San Antonio Missions! Head out on Father’s Day for Sunday Fun Day, catch a game on Monday night for Monday Family Night, or bond with Dad in between home runs on Two-Dollar Tuesday, where outfield reserve seats, parking, pizza, sausage wraps and select beer are all two bucks each!

Missions San Antonio

Whatever you decide, BarbacoApparel wishes every dad and his favorite kid(s) a happy Father's Day!



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