FOMO: 6 SATX Burgers You Need to Try

Some will argue that burgers are not a “Texan thing,” but we all know that no one does beef like the Lone Star State does. San Antonians have strong opinions of where the best burgers can be found around town, and BarbacoApparel is no different. This week, we’re sharing some personal favorites and are excited to hear about yours. Share your opinions in the comment section below!

Far Westside
Burger Boy: Bates Special with Cheese
9334 Potranco Rd.

The Burger Boy recipe dates back to the ’40s, and that classic taste keeps people coming back. Even though the Bates Special uses simple ingredients, the magic happens on the grill! Of all the burgers featured on this list, Burger Boy’s is the butteriest. When you bite down on this burger, the greased, grilled bun is the first thing you notice. The meat is tender and juicy, and the single slice of melted American cheese cascades over the patty. Burger Boy goes heavy on pickles and mustard, and the tartness brightens up the bold, savory flavors this local favorite has to offer. Classic, old-fashioned, brilliant every time!

Burger Boy


Griff’s: Monster Burger
2418 Pleasanton Rd.

Griff’s is the remnant of a burger-booming past when the chain dotted the country’s landscape. Southsiders will tell you this place still serves up a mean burger, and the meanest of the bunch is the Monster Burger. This behemoth, which is built thick with 3 thin patties, cheese, and all the standard fixings, is something you order when you haven’t eaten for days or you won’t eat for days or you just need to eat all your feelings. The tenderness of the meat and the gooeyness of the American cheese are so unreal that the burger melts in your mouth. The veggies? The mustard? You don’t even notice them, but there’s no love loss there! This burger is legit!

Griff's Monster Burger


Chris Madrid’s: Tostada Burger
1900 Blanco Rd.

No “best of” San Antonio burger list is complete without a mention of the iconic burger joint, Chris Madrid’s. And no Chris Madrid’s mention is complete without the Tostada Burger—built with a thin patty, refried beans, tortilla chips, onions, and a mountain of melted, gooey cheddar cheese. While this isn’t the go-to burger for some, it’s just about the end-all, be-all burger for so many! The bite of the cheddar and raw white onions is a wonderful complement to the behind-the-scenes, subtle flavor of the creamy beans. And all this crunchy, fatty goodness goes right on top of a delicious burger patty and knocks it right out of the park every single time!

Chris Madrid's Tostada Burger


Picnikins Patio Café: Cheeseburger
5811 University Heights Blvd.

With a hefty menu, it’s no surprise if you accidentally miss the Picnikins’ burger selection, but this is a rookie mistake. Picnikins’ patties are served thick and juicy on a brioche bun. The toasted sweet brioche sops up the savory juices and sends your taste buds over the moon. The fixings are standard, but with a few tweaks, you can make your burger just how you like it—doubling up on cheese (cheddar and pepper jack) or having those onions caramelized! The best thing about this burger, though, is that you call the shot on the degree of doneness. So if you love a warm pink center, order that beautiful burger up medium!


Papa’s Burgers: Papa’s Cheeseburger
709 Enrique M. Barrera Pkwy

Ranked by Yelp as the fourth-best burger joint in the US, Papa’s Burgers is truly the protein pride of the Westside. With a whopping 11 different burger choices, the simple cheeseburger is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the Papa’s brand. The sweetness of the toasted brioche bun sits in direct contrast to the savory American cheese and onion-salted patty. Papa’s doesn’t add any sauce to your burger, and they challenge you to try it as is before you douse it in mustard or mayo. You may start out a skeptic, but you could also surprise yourself when you realize there’s nothing left to slather any sauce on. Hamburguesa’m gonna need more than one!

Papa's Burger's: Papa's Cheeseburger


Mark’s Outing: Ice Cream Burger
1624 E. Commerce St.

Even though Mark’s Outing offers a classic burger, when you see “ice cream burger” on the menu, you slam on the breaks and order it. The novelty makes you raise your brows and start calculating: thick patty with cheese + red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard + scoop of cornflake-crusted, fried vanilla ice cream? This combination definitely equals a sensory parade with some grandiose fanfare! The most interesting aspect of the whimsical burger is the interplay between the sharpness of the onion and the sweetness of the old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. The classic ingredients keep your feet on the ground as the rest of you is whisked away on a flavor adventure!

Mark's Outing: Ice Cream Burger



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